Project Tango Hackathon

Would you like to get your hands on the most powerful tablet known to man?

How about winning one to take home with you?


This is real. Please attend this once in a lifetime event sponsored by Google®

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Project Tango technology gives a mobile device the ability to navigate the physical world similar to how we do as humans.
Project Tango brings a new kind of spatial perception to the Android device platform by adding
advanced computer vision, image processing, and special vision sensors.

To put it bluntly You’ll forever regret it if you miss this –
and don’t be late – because that may mean you’ll miss out. 

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9:30am-11am Unity® Boot Camp

11am-1p Tango Essentials and Lunch

1p-4p Tango Development
Your team will only be loaned a Tango Device
if present for
Unity® Boot Camp & Tango Essentials

4pm Prizes, Publishing and Partying

The journey to staten island (and the makerspace) by ferry is  free and highly recommended,
especially in the magical warm weather. Some members are carpooling, fantastic!
Use the comments if you’d like to meet up – take the journey together and document your journey,
we would probably feature it.
Ample parking is available! All are welcome! You may be upset if you miss this one.

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